Friday, January 08, 2010


Grateful to Allah for all His mercy and His Inayah. Hopefully, all our success and excellence in these associations continue to be improved and we should always eager to fight for the dignity of Felda youths.
Knowledge to partners outside our marriage has been a very successful melakar mean for our beloved village, but this does not mean just here because we measure real struggle has just began. Believe me. This line just beginning. And now it is time we united together to bring youth Felda Bukit Bading or Felda Youth Malaysia in international. We believe in a spirit of close cooperation and unity of the whole will bring us success is more valuable.
This was the beginning of our responsibility to execute the method perlaksanaan live connection to the taste and feel responsible and willing to sacrifice for the dignity of the nation's land and water by generations to come. Realizing that this matter should be flexible from bamboo shoot may be the catalyst for this idea to Malaysia Felda Youth Council along with the government and respond so that we together develop the youth in terms of spiritual and keintelektualannya no matter at the village level or at the state level and countries.
A corollary of this idealisma recently Felda Bukit Bading was chosen as the location Rakan Muda Club launching Felda Wilayah Terengganu on December 26 the past. Various activities were held to attract attract youth to join this club Rakan Muda. Among religious lectures .. Autoshow motor .. match 3 on 3 street soccer .. netball .. 5 0n 5 live bands (Lantana) .. exhibition of local government departments and agencies .. including karaoke competition and performed the famous Artist Ali (former vocalist XPDC) and younger She idol Small Stars 2.
This program was successful and many visits to promote Felda Bukit Bading especially Youth Association Felda Bukit Bading that sendiri.Terima Love to the organizers (MBFT) a lot of support and tutoring to us throughout our under the auspices kalian.I nsya-Allah few more programs will follow throughout the year and expect this will be a new culture for youth around Felda Bukit Bading practiced to reduce symptoms once the groove is not present. We have prepared some pictures for you quickly.